Care of jewelry


All our original models are made of 925 silver with different high quality baths such as: 22 carat gold, rose gold, black rhodium and pure silver.

All nickel free, the metal that causes most allergies and skin irritations.

The great virtue of our pieces having plates on silver is that with the due care they are always easy to clean, maintain or reject as part of an additional service in case the guarantee does not apply or you simply want to renew it.

(It will not turn green or produce brown rust scabs)


To take care of your piece we recommend the following:

• Avoid direct blows or strong scratches since silver is a malleable metal and could be easily marked.

• Although the parts can get wet, avoid using corrosive liquids such as chlorine, acids, cleaning products, etc. with the jewelry on.

• Apply cosmetic products, creams, perfumes, sunscreen, etc. before the jewelry, allow them to absorb or dry and then put on the jewelry.

• It is recommended to store your Mar de Fe piece separately from other jewelry pieces.

• After using the piece and before storing it, it is recommended to rinse with plenty of fresh / tap water to remove traces of dead skin, natural skin oil, acidity from sweating and / or other chemical or organic products (creams, perfumes , sea salt, pool chlorine, etc.) that could remain on the part after coming into contact with it and oxidize it as a result.

At the end of rinsing the piece, it is recommended to dry with a soft cloth to avoid water marks.

• NOTE: We apply an excellent quality of plates on our jewelry, to give you an idea it is approximately 4 times the thickness of plate applied by commercial brands in the market, so despite the quality of our processes and plates , a very important factor for our pieces to get stained, may be failures in the process of emptying the silver, that the piece has had some grease during the plating process and that the sheet does not adhere correctly or that in your particular case you have a very acid PH.

• 14 karat gold and Laminated gold pieces require minimal care because they do not rust, but it is recommended not to use corrosive liquids, cleaning products, acids, etc. or leave them near very hot areas (candles, stove) this because these types of materials are always assembled with organic and natural materials such as pearls or semi-precious stones and could be damaged.

• With rolled gold, you can enjoy the benefits of 14 karat gold for a fraction of the cost. You can live day to day with your Mar de Fe piece on without anything happening to it.

• Both 14 karat gold and laminated gold can be cleaned periodically with special gold products or with warm (not hot) water with a little dish soap and a very soft toothbrush to remove dust or dead skin and return to give your piece a shine, rinse with tap water and dry very well with a soft cloth to avoid water marks.

• The leathers we use are imported and most of them can be used daily and even wet, but a piece of leather, the less it gets wet, in better condition it will look longer. It is recommended to apply petroleum jelly from time to time to moisturize it and prevent it from drying out.